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My experience with the program so far

My Downline Leads is the latest downline builder from Alonzo Brown, creator of Mulitple Income Builder.  The program launched January 1, 2022, so at this point, I technically do not have much experience with this particular builder, but I have worked with Alonzo for years and can provide personal testimony to his expertise and professionalism.  He does everything with precision and attention to detail.  All of his sites are FREE forever with no upsells.  

What I Like

Alonzo Brown is a top leader and earner in Savings Highway Global and My Downline Leads caters to building SHG, but also offers the opportunity to build proven traffic generation programs such as Leads Leap.  

What I Dislike

At this point, Alonzo has not created addition splash pages, but rest assured he does not rest much and will have some soon.  

Final Verdict

There is no reason NOT to join My Downline Leads and Savings Highway Global.  SHG offers savings in all aspects of life, including health care, and easily pays for itself.  Using Alonzo's systems, I have only paid SHG $20 my first month; with diligent promotion, you will build a residual income that will continue to grow month after month.


CLICK HERE to join My Downline Leads for FREE!

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