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In a short period that it launched the Alexa rating of 36934 speaks of the popularity it is achieving and
there seems to be a big potential.


Plus Points

  1. One can earn without any referrals by just logging in daily
  2. Very affordable - only 10 Tron to start at level 1
  3. Earn upto 300% per adpack

Getting Started with Passive Tron Profits

Watch this video on youtube to get a preview - Video

Step 1: Deposit at least 10 Tron to purchase Level 1. You may purchase all the way up to level 14. So calculate how much

Tron to deposit to help save on deposit fees.

Step 2: Purchase all levels you want to purchase. Please note it takes approximately 2 minutes for a level to show up before you
can purchase the next level.

Step 3. Grab your referral link from the promotional tools area and refer others so that you can earn a matching bonus from them
whenever they purchase an ad pack and login each day.

Step 4: Make sure to log in each day to receive your portion of the daily revenue share. The revenue share is credited once daily.
Encourage all of your referrals to do the same. Logging in each day takes 15  - 20 seconds to watch the 1 login ad!

Getting Started Link Click Here



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