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Pro Downline System (PDS) is the latest downline builder from Alonzo Brown which is specifically designed to help you build your HealthyNULiving (HNUL) business.  Alonzo has also included HNUL on Multiple Income Builder(MIB) and MyDownlineLeads(MDL).  


With Alonzo at the top of this team, best practices suggest to get on board ASAP as the matrix is filling rapidly!   With a full 2x10, you will earn over $5K per month with a possible 100% matching bonus on all referrals.  Pro Downline System is designed to help you get referrals and it is free forever to use, with no upsells.  Only two referrals get you to 50% matching bonus; only four get you to 100%, which keeps the matrix in perpetual motion.  


What I like is, there are no product purchase requirements, but if anyone in your team purchases you earn additional revenue.  Technically, there is a $30/month requirement to use the HNUL.  company system, but as fast as this is growing, I doubt fast movers will pay again in their second or third months.  Can’t exactly promise that, but it is looking good! 


In fact, HNUL pays daily to a debit card, but holds $30 in escrow to cover the monthly requirement.  It’s possible you may be debited the difference if earnings are less than $30, but on the PDS Teambuild that should not be many months, if ever.  


It is also nice that LeadsLeap, LeadsLeapProfits, and Traffic Codex are in the downline builder, et.al. 


I wish there were more promotional materials available on both HNUL and PDS, but both sites are in their infancy and these things will come with patience.  Both are global so you can share PDS with anyone in the world.  


There is no reason not to join Pro Downline System and at least the HNUL plan to understand the potential of 100% in a fast moving matrix.  It is exciting to be on board this one!  


Join Here - Free Forever!




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