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Forums were the first social media sites that I used


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Hi MC Members and Guests,


Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...


Forums were the first and only social media sites that I used 20+ years ago.


I like forums for the following reasons:


- You can list links in your sig file

- You can list banners in your sig file

- Members can check out your forum profile

- Etc...


By being an active members in the forum members will see your sig file and if they're interested in what you're promoting they can check it out.


To me, the sig file is a passive way to advertise while you're being active in the forum and giving no thoughts of your sig file. 


In a way, the sig file is like a business for fellow members and guest to see.


Tip: Add a sig file so that other members can see what you're promoting while you're active in the forum..

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Tommie, great post and one I would agree with, given that we have both been online for around the same period of time.


I found forums initially through Joel Broughtons PIF4P site, then progressed to BetterNetworker which brought me a stack of leads for magnetic sponsoring.  doing exactly as you say, turning up daily and sharing knowledge.


Thanks for sharing

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I tried to put an image in my signature, but, it asks for a URL

can you give me a site where I can put the image at?


Thank you


Check out this site to host your image(s) for free: http://babo1.com/jv16

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