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Definity FI Academy - definityfi.io


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DefinityFI Academy is a crypto education platform with an optional affiliate component, all build on a SmartContract on the BNB Blockchain.  It is still in Beta Launch, but the foundation has been set and is now available.  

Noted crypto coach and author of “From No Crypto to Know Crypto”, Blockchain Wayne, has been enlisted to head the crypto education team.  

My experience with the program so far

So far I have purchased Package 1,2,&3 during Alpha Launch before there was a website available.  To get full access to the Smart Contract, you must connect through a DApp wallet like SafePay, MetaMask, or the one I’ve using - TokenPocket with dFox Chrome extension.

The first course that comes with Package 1 is “Getting Started in Crypto” for $30 payable in BNB.  This is a lifetime purchase and as an affiliate you can earn from it over and over again.  Each subsequent Package has courses attached and are each their own profit center.  

There are 12 Packages in total, ranging from Package 1 @ $30 BNB to Package 12 $2,500 BNB, but each package must be purchased in order.

What I Like

I like how it has a professional look and feel to it like an online school with recorded and live sessions available, but the main reason is that the compensation plan looks like Forsage and this is a chance to get moving before the masses.  

What I Dislike

At this point in the prelaunch, there are no marketing materials available as of yet other than a text link.  

Final Verdict

Definity FI Academy has been designed to transcend the traditional confines of Internet Marketing as we know it.  Industry leaders have positioned themselves and now is a good time to do so as well.


CLICK HERE to check it out.

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