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The Quick Silver Wealth Platform has been put together to help you reach your goals no matter how Big or Small! The back office of your Quick Silver Wealth Platform will keep track of your Team, Points, Qualifications, and has a training area and FAQ designed to assist you should you have questions. 


Your dashboard is a snapshot of your Quick Silver business. Features: 1) Quick Links - The dashboard has quick links in blue along the top to view your Personal Sales Team, Personal Customers, Total Sales Team and Available Balance. Clicking these items will take you directly to where you can view the corresponding information. 2) What’s New – Keep up to date with all the latest news and tools as they are released by reviewing this area of the dashboard. 3) Your Business – Here you can see your Achievement Level information, how many new people you have waiting to be placed (if Placement Hold is enabled) and most importantly your Qualification Points. Achievement Levels are based on your Personally Referred Points in your LIFETIME, 10% of which from LAST 30 DAYS


Once you begin building your Quick Silver business you will have two teams. A Left Team and a Right Team. In this area you will be able to view your team information in various ways. 1) My Binary (Tree #1) will show you a snapshot of your team and shows you your immediate team members. You can click on each of the team members to drill down further. 2) My Binary (Tree #2) will show you the BIG picture. In this view you can see everyone in your team from top to bottom. 3) My Personal Sales Team is a very helpful tool to assist you in seeing who you have personally enrolled along with their contact information, how many people they have personally enrolled, what their Achievement Level is, whether they are in your left or right team, whether or not they have an Auto-Wealth delivery on, and when they logged into their account’s last. This information is helpful to you because it can assist you in working with your people to help them build their business which adds Points to your business as well. Remember when they succeed so do you!


Set up Your Marketing System!


Want a tool that will help you attract new business and will follow up with them via email automatically? This is what the Quick Silver Marketing System is designed to do. In Tools & Training section, find the section: Online Marketing System Click on the “Get Your System” link to setup your marketing system. Once it is set up, test it. Go to your Lead Capture page and test out the system by filling in your information and clicking submit. Go through the process so you will see exactly what your prospect would be seeing. You will begin getting emails automatically to the email address you entered on the lead capture page. The Marketing System sends these messages automatically on your behalf.




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