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My name is Darren, aka HACCP76 of which I have been called for a number of years.  All to do with age and working in catering and HACCP processes.  The nickname just stuck.


I have been earning online for a number of years now and always looking for new ways to promote, earn and build lists as we probably all are on this forum.  I started selling on Ebay, building websites, using safelists, writing articles, press releases, Facebook ads, you name it I have done it.  Then Google hit with all the changes and you have heard the stories, I lost all traction in the search engines and nothing was happening. 


I then thought after many years that was enough in the Internet Marketing realm and moved into dropshipping on Ebay which was absolutely fantastic and was very lucrative for a couple of years having found a book called The Secret being sold in America for under $2.80 free shipping of which I distribued at a higher prive via ebay.  15 - 20 sales a day.  So I started a dropshipping business with automated software.  Then ebay started increasing their charges and I started to lose more than I gained.


Ready to give up, right!!


No, I kept going, gave up the ebay business and fell upon an app in the Crypto niche which I earned coins.  These coins could be redeemed for gifts or as I found out on a crypto advertising platform of which I sold a few clickbank products, then found WarriorPlus.  Earnings went up.  


Having some experience in Autoresponders I set one of these up in the system and within a couple of months I had 3000 emails.  I decided to send these people Warriorplus products of which in one email blast over a couple of days I generated over $1300 dollars, I was totally amazed, could not believe my luck!! 


This continues to this day where my email lists are increasing each day where I generate 150-200 leads a day not only through the app but through advertising on high traffic crypto networks.  It took me two long years to test every site with campaigns, split testing emails and trial and error to find that I was able to generate even more leads with these sites with new landing/squeeze pages giving away free training/PDF's etc as people want to learn about Crypto.


Well, this lead to myself learning how to put together products and helping others in the same situation improve and build their own businesses and lists - All in the space of a couple of years.  A lot of people would have given up many years ago but I am quite a persistant chap and would not give up so I developed a system with strategies of which anyone with no experience can set up ads and promote their offers - preferably with an autoresponder and then generate ongoing leads.  I put all this together in a guide which can be worked through step by step and if followed correctly people will see results.




I called this Crypto List Builder Extreme of which is still in its early stages as it will be developed into a one click software with slick sales pages but to start it has a self designed sales page, guides and access to all the traffic sources I use daily to generate leads daily.  I have also put some videos together for people to have an insiders look at what I do which the most recent one was the traffic proof overnight which is available on Youtube at:

Crypto List Builder Extreme PROOF it works


There is also a review video which can be seen at:


Crypto List Builder Extreme Extra BONUS and Giveaways




All of the information within the videos and the traffic guide are all designed by myself and as you can see no high spec sales videos, simply me explaing in 'black and white' what the system is all about.  


More than happy to hear people views on the system also and if there is anyone who would like to join myself in taking this project further than more than happy to discuss, especially when redesigning sales pages, website, etc.


Also you can earn 50% commissions on this but becoming an affiliate @ https://warriorplus.com/as/o/h6vmb6/cryptolistbuilderextreme


I am sure you will like this and thank you for reading my post.  Feel free to comment and I look forward to your responses.


Darren (HACCP76)


Here is one of my Facebook pages iI show in the video which is gaining at least 200 new members a day - https://www.facebook.com/groups/cryptoadvertisingonfacebook

:) FREE DOWNLOAD ACCESS: Unlimited Promo Codes for Unlimited FREE Traffic: CLICK HERE   :) Unlimted FREE Traffic Vault Rocks!!

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