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Best 5 Affiliate Programs To Make Money From Cryptocurrency In 2022

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In today's financial market, cryptocurrencies are among the most adaptable and dynamic possibilities. Blockchain affiliate schemes give content producers the chance to acquire this currency.




The fear of financial uncertainty among investors propelled the cryptocurrency market to unprecedented heights throughout the year 2020. The whole market valuation increased by more than 200% by year's end, reaching $760 billion.

The ensuing increase in public interest in cryptocurrencies opens up new opportunities for revenue streams for investors and crypto professionals. One of them is blockchain project affiliate marketing, which gives you the chance to create a reliable passive revenue stream.

The specifics of how this operates and the top affiliate programs are described here.

Blockchain affiliate programs?
An affiliate program often gives commission payments in exchange for referrals.  You can learn how to do this and have a site designed for you at Cryptobeast.
Imagine you're a fitness blogger who suggests a specific brand of yoga mat. If you participate in the brand's affiliate program, you will receive a commission from them each time someone visits your site and purchases your top pick.
This is a fantastic option for content creators to develop a reliable passive income.
It's an inexpensive and successful marketing tactic for businesses. With over 80% of brands offering affiliate programs, it is also widely available.
There are affiliate programs for blockchains, the ledger technology that powers cryptocurrencies, in the context of cryptocurrencies.
You can get paid for referring your audience to specific blockchain initiatives. The main payment methods for these commissions are fiat money, well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, or the blockchain's own tokens.
You can use these blockchain affiliate schemes to increase your income if you're a content provider with tech or financial audience. You can make cryptocurrency commissions by directing your audience to blockchain initiatives that you believe in.
Here are the top five blockchain affiliate programs now on the market to provide you an idea.

Next, in terms of commissions and who can take part in their blockchain affiliate program, Coinbase's system offers a lot of flexibility.

You can sign up for Coinbase's affiliate program online if you have a blog or website.

You'll have access to tools for creating affiliate links and tracking them after that has been approved. The link can then be included in articles, social media postings, or even advertisements on your website and on social media.

For the first three months after someone signs up for Coinbase using your link, you will receive 50% of their fees. The commission is subsequently transferred to your bank account or paid electronically via PayPal in your local currency.

One of this program's main advantages is that it also gives you access to tools that can aid in boosting your links. For instance, creating customized landing pages and campaign performance reports is simple.


Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, lets customers swap fiat currency and cryptocurrencies for transaction costs. These fees are what draw people to their blockchain affiliate program because you are paid a portion of them for each referral.

You will receive 20% of all lifetime trading fees for each client you introduce to Kraken. There is no minimum payout requirement, and there are no time restrictions.

Instead of issuing crypto tokens, Kraken pays out these commissions in fiat money to a bank account. In this sense, it satisfies the needs of content producers that favor a consistent income over the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

The affiliate application form will be processed within five business days of your submission.



The automatic trading bot for over 100 different cryptocurrencies is called CryptoHopper.


Similar to Ledger, you must submit an application before participating in the program. Over 10,000 people are currently enrolled in CryptoHopper's blockchain affiliate program.


You are eligible to receive commissions of up to 15% each time a new user you referred makes a purchase. Additionally, you can receive a bonus of up to $9.90 when someone signs up for the site.


One feature that sets CryptoHopper apart is that you can get paid a commission by referring people to the affiliate program and take home up to 50% of their earnings!


CryptoHopper provides additional support for their affiliates, just like Ledger and Coinbase do. You have access to extra blogs, video tutorials, tools, no-cost banners, and visual content you may share with your audience as part of the program.

Hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies are Ledger's major offerings. These give consumers the option to keep their cryptocurrency assets with the added security provided by a physical device.
You must submit a sign-up form with your email address and Bitcoin (BTC) address in order to join their affiliate program.
As soon as you enroll in the program, you can use high-quality advertising tools like banners, links, and videos.
You receive a 10% commission for every sale that one of your referrals brings in. Payments are made in Bitcoin on a monthly basis.
The first is Binance, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange.
Their affiliate program is really simple. You design your own affiliate links, share them with your network, and then complete an online form application.
Payouts are abundant. You can earn up to a 50% commission each time a user creates a Binance account through your referral link and executes a trade.
However, in order to take part in the program, you must meet a few requirements. For instance, to be considered an influencer, you must have at least 5,000 subscribers or followers.
Accessing The Power Of Blockchain Affiliate programs, In Short:

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are likely to come up again in the future if you're a content writer in the technology or finance industry.


You can take advantage of a synergistic effect by joining one of the blockchain affiliate programs mentioned above: You promote a blockchain project you believe to your audience and help it develop while also earning a commission.


This will eventually enable you to create a reliable passive income stream. On the one hand, people who prefer to take a safe approach can choose cash payouts.


On the other hand, given the recent growth of the cryptocurrency industry and its likely rising trend in the future, crypto token commissions may be quite alluring to affiliates.


To read more on the best Crypto affiliate programs visit: CryptoBeast where you can set up your own Crypto Affiliate site.

To see exactly what the site looks like and to learn more about Crypto and Affiliate marketing you can visit: Crypto2022 - Unlimited Crypto Resources


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