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I been around since 1995 on the net but i been out of touch with somé new merhods. Justo differrent words. Email has always been the real saleman for me. now getting into marketing justo figuring out the plan of attack


Hi Big Billy,


Welcome to the forum! :) 

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email still works great.  Some people are into sms and messenger on fb is big now.  I like the old fashioned way that is my way always.

I'm an old warrior forum girl learned a lot of what I know there and you know what change is difficult for us oldies. You do not really have

to catch up just do what you know.  Our old fashioned marketing works. IMHO






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I don't know if you remember Dr. Manny.  He was a childrens dr think heart or brain.  Wow what a long time ago but he said:  Sorry i ever tried this new fangled stuff my good old fashioned marketing still works better than it all.  I never forget that as I looked up to him for the massive amount of websites he had (mostly content).






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