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Inspire immediate action

James Doan

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Let's face it… the longer a customer delays deciding, the greater the chances are that he will never take the plunge. Don't let him off the hook that easily! 


Set a deadline. Put on the pressure to buy now, or miss out on the deal. Chances are pretty good that the procrastinator will get with it just to save a few dollars.


What about your sales materials? Have you taken a good look at the things you are advertising? Make sure you are focused on the benefits the consumer will experience from the purchase, and not on the features of the product or service.

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Does everyone think its ethical to put a time limit on something that doesn't have one? I've always had an issue with that.

seems like lying is the answer to getting customers and sometimes i think no not worth it because after awhile they'll not

believe anything you say anymore.  Just expressing thoughts i've had over the years






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