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A Dynamic Price List Mailer. The Sooner You Upgrade, the Lower the Price FOR LIFE!!!

The GOLD Standard of List Mailers, Value Driven by Paid Members.

Mailer.Gold is all about delivering paid member eyeballs to view your ads.

Launching Tuesday May 9th 2023 @ 8 pm US Eastern Time


Prices started at about $8 and are increasing $.01 withevery sale.

The sooner that you join and upgrade the lower the price!


Owned by Frank Bauer who still operates programs such as ViralURL, InfinityTrafficBoost, ViralHosts and TrafficZipper.


A lifetime membership with a Frank Bauer program means a LONG Time.


There are also $10,000 in cash prizes for the top affiliates.

You can win cash sales prizes of $500, $250 or $100 by being one of the top three sales affiliates or
even win one of three random $50 cash prizes by having at least one affiliate upgrade sale.


Pop over to Mailer.Gold now and grab the best available pricing.




LIFETIME membership for just a few dollars :)

2500 FREE Credits at ViralAdStore.com for Marketing Checkpoint members!


Use Promo Code: marketingcheckpoint in the Members Area > My Account > Promo Codes


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