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Very rarely, we come across crypto programs where free members can withdraw without upgrading.  This is what attracted me to join BnBPTC.Gives




I joined more than a month ago as a free member and then upgraded a week ago, as I'm convinced the program pays promptly.  I upgraded to Emerald Plan as paid members have higher earning options.   - - -  You can earn a regular monthly Passive Income and withdraw daily.



At the time of writing this post, 1 BNB - (Binance Cryptocurrency) is worth $251.69



BnBPTC.Gives is a platform where you can earn BNB - Binance Cryptocurrency in various ways plus you can promote your websites or affiliate links.



The highlight is Free members can WITHDRAW without upgrading and earn a passive income.









  • ​Earn to View Advertisement


  • Earn to Claim Faucet


  • Earn DAILY - - -  CRYPTOBOX - - - as login BNB gift


  • RENT Miner -  BNB Mining - NOTE:  You can buy miners with your MAIN ACCOUNT BALANCE

  • Liquidity FarmNOTE:  You can buy with your MAIN ACCOUNT BALANCE and the earnings are paid out every 1 hour / 24 hours directly to your Faucet Pay.   

NOTE:  you need to create an account in  :) => => =>  Faucetpay - a micropayment wallet, where transaction fees are the lowest.



=> => =>  JOIN FREE



* PAID MEMBERS *  + + + more earning options => Yield Farm and BNB Farm




You can WITHDRAW via Binance (BEP20), Metamask, and FaucetPay



I hope you enjoy earning with BnBPTC.Gives as much as I do.   



Any questions, please let me know in the comments below.



Happy Earning, friends!  :) 

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TIP for BnBPTC.Gives

I have purchased another 5 Rented Miners for 0.015 BNB with my MAIN BALANCE.


So I have 10 miners now. That means more EARNINGS to my MAIN BALANCE and I can WITHDRAW



Every 2 days you can purchase more Miners. - - - I will be buying more tomorrow again


This is the beauty of this product. You can buy RENT MINERS without spending your money all for FREE. ❤   BnBPTC.Gives rocks! 




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