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New Ads Earn XRP Instant payments is live!

What is Ads Earn XRP
Instant Payment System?...

In order to make money there is a simple but powerful
concept to follow:
Get paid xrp from your structure
seven levels deep unlimited width unlimited potential!

only paid members can be activated so no inactive members to slow down your system


How To Start

Step One

Send 20 xrp in a single payment.
This will be automatically split among the 8 addresses from you
to activate your membership..

Step Two
The first address is for the administrator, they are the people that create your site for you and maintain it.
The other addresses are people that have joined in the same way as you and have also paid in the same way.

Step Three
Once the xrp has been sent a website will then be created for you similar to this one with your username. Once your account is activated, you'll be automatically placed in system and your earning starts from 7 levels, which will now be automatically filled up by the people you recruit under you.


Here's how it all works

Ads Earn XRP Instant Payment System breakdown
This will be the payment structure for each level.
Your 2 downlines = 2 x 5 xrp = 10 xrp each level.
Their 4 downlines = (2x2) x 4 xrp = 16 xrp each level.
Next 8 downlines = (2x2x2) x 3 xrp = 24 xrp each level.
Next 16 downlines = (2x2x2x2) x 2 xrp = 32 xrp each level.
Next 32 downlines = (2x2x2x2x2) x 1 xrp = 32 xrp each.level
Next 64 downlines = (2x2x2x2x2x2) x 1 xrp = 64 xrp each level.
Next 128 downlines = (2x2x2x2x2x2x2) x 1 xrp = 128 xrp each level.

Your Total Earning =
( 10 + 16 + 24 + 32 + 32 + 64 + 128 ) Total xrp = 306 xrp.

This is a simple guide as the platform is a unilevel type matrix the potential is massive as it is unlimited width so making many payment channels.


How to get paid

withdrawals will be done on mass payment automatically
from our system twice per day to your xrp wallet

You earn you get payed daily automatically no minimum no waiting


Start Today and get rewarded for your hard work
Paid daily direct to your wallet automatically
7 levels deep rewards Unlimited width!.




2500 FREE Credits at ViralAdStore.com for Marketing Checkpoint members!


Use Promo Code: marketingcheckpoint in the Members Area > My Account > Promo Codes


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