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Can you recruit new members for mailer sites?


If you can, this is for you. This is for real; truly free for life.


I am looking for experienced affiliates who can bring in members to my new mailer that is now in early pre-launch.


In return, you will get a lifetime free upgrade to the highest level and earn 75% commission.


Below is a page where you can sign up to an email list that will, by the 3rd email, give you your signup link and the referal link.


There are no tricks or gimmicks here. Nothing for you to pay. I just want to get enough members that I hope you can recruit so when the site is launched, new memebrs can mail to a substantial group of people.


The emails that I will send you are not sales letters to get money from you. They are just info emails you will need. And what you must inform those you recruit about, etc.


This is one of the truly free opportunities that you will ever find online. I could have sent this only to site owners or whatever, but I want to give everyone a chance to get in on this for a limited time. It levels the playing field for the average marketer. Of course, if anyone here is a real pro with a large list, I wouldn't refuse you. ;)


I truly hope that this will be lucrative for us all.


Here is the link to join with me.




Thank you for your consideration,


David Beaman

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