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Has any one else upgraded at list connect.com and not received the upgrade? I did and I cannot get any response out of the administration or a refund. This is very disappointing when a SL/TE rips you off. It would be nice if all of the legite SL/TE owners could come up with a way to stop these scammers. Thanks for any advice from anyone on how to deal with this.

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Unfortunately stopping 'scammers' is a big undertaking, mostly since shutting them down can take a lot of work. It's not just a particular niche - the world of internet marketing is full of 'scammers'. There are a number of websites that offer reviews for products/services, however they're certainly not reliable sources. A few years ago MarketingCheckpoint was designed to be that resource to help consumers protect themselves, but it simply struggled to get momentum.

Hustle. Do everything in your power to reach beyond your goals.

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Thanks Matt. I really just want them to stand behind their OTO that I bought into. But, I cannot get any response from their admin. when I submit a support ticket. This is the kind of bad business that discourages most people. I appreciate your help. Thanks again.
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