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I am considering using this and want to know if anyone else has used the serive.
You Can Get Articles about any topic custom written for you in as little as 3 hours.
By hiring their quality writers to write articles and other content for your website.

They say they can provide high quality professional articles on any topic quickly and cheaply.

That you can get Your Website Content created on demand.

They have an army of talented content writers ready and available to help you!

You can become a member Hire Writers For Free, and you only pay for an article if you are totally satisfied with it.
Has anyone used this service?
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I have never seen this site before. There are several of them out there. It is good that you can view and approve the article before you pay. You do not seem to have anything to lose, except time. You just have to test out some places and see what is best for you. I am a writer myself, so I do not use these sites. Give the writers a chance.
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I see two different writing skills used in article marketing. An article that looks like it was written by a Philadelphia Lawyer and takes one of same stature to read it. Or an easy to read article that reads as if you were standing there speaking to the writer in person. I find the best way to write is to write like you talk.


After all, if you were to meet that person at a function, would he/she sound like you expected from their writings?


It maybe not a great analogy, but if you are having a hard time writing, just write like you talk. Your articles may be more appealing.




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I think that Robert Dorsey makes a lot of sense!  Most of the people that will read what you write will be able to understand and relate to what you write if you just write in a way that most people can relate to.  I remember reading once that most, if not all, TV series were written for the 8th Grade mentality because that was the level that most people understood.  Of course that would change somewhat depending on who you were talking to and what the focus of the situation was in a social setting or in a technical group situation.  


Steve Jones

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Some writers use what I call the coffee table approach in their writing. The approach I refer to is that of writing to the middle of the aisle. I.E. not too technical, but not too simple. Another key is that the information provided is useful and not too full of facts. One point is that writers sometimes add to an article is a personal experience or two. Sometimes it can be really funny or an AHH-HA moment.

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