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HTML mailer problem - any advice?

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There are two safelists I use where the HTML mailer isn't working properly.  This is what happens:
  1. Click the HTML (or Source) button on the mailer interface
  2. A window pops up where I enter my HTML message.
  3. Click the 'Update' button.
  4. The window closes
  5. Where I expect the message to now be inserted into the message field, there is nothing but blank gray space.

This occurs only in Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, the new Opera and a few others like it.


IE is fine.


I was told to try updating my Java, which I did, but no change.


No idea what else I can try to make it work in my usual browsers.

I DO NOT ever use IE except for testing purposes, so I really need these two mailers to work in Chromium-based browers.


Has anyone else experienced this, or know a solution?

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Interesting.. because I've had a similar issue when adding HTML source code for login ads on other sites (not mailers) where the editor will go grey, but I submit it and it seems to still display properly in the end. 


Is there a way you can test the message - or receive it yourself? Then you could just paste the code and even if it is greyed out just send and see what it looks like?


The other way is not to use the source code and instead just copy and paste into the WSIWYG editor your actual content (not code) and that will not grey anything out.

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I'll try that, thanks.


I'll also try sending even when it's greyed out and see if I get a copy sent to me (a few mailers don't send copies to the sender).


Another similar issue with a third mailer is that the HTML editor doesn't display any buttons at all, it looks like a plain text editor.  But I can enter the code and it's delivered as HTML anyway, so it's not a big deal right now.

Taking another kick at the can, because I can.

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It would be great if all sites let you see what your HTML ad looks like before you hit send.  I wrote to one admin and asked her if my HTML code was actually being delivered in some readable format. She said yes - not to worry.  OK.  I will keep sending my ads with an HTML format where applicable, because I believe that people respond more often to colorful information than to plain old text ads.

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I found a clipboard Control program which allows me to store formatted promo copy for use later. With this program I store many clips which I can retrieve without having to recopy over and over again. I have stored many HTML promos the way I want them for reuse. As a result I don't have to worry about the HTML working or not in some of these sites I just paste the formatted result into the promo I am sending. This works well for me and gives me the best of results most of the time. The program I use is called SpartanClips just google it to find it for purchase, the price is reasonable for what it does.

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