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Hi everyone, just wanted to share a site I found the last week, it is an advertising platform and this is what attracted me, you can send 25 ads per month and for only $7 per month.


The other thing which I didn't quite see at first was their income matrix. They say you can earn $6,553 per month, with the 2x14 matrix. It's pretty new and so far testimonials seem to be quite good, people making not ban money. This was from Admin just the other day: We will be sending over $14,000.00 out! (Up from only $3,000.00 just last month when we started!)


Oh the program is called, "GoBig7"


So where do they promote your ads, this is what I got from one of the members, I think he is part of admin too.


They are displayed in the back office of GoBIG7.com and they are also displayed on the website that we have built for ads only. That site is http://Pazog.com and we will be building more soon!REMINDERAfter GoBIG7.com is fully launched, the programming team will be paid to create site after site for the sole purpose of displaying the advertisements until there are 8 to 10 websites created! You can also get referrals from the different website(s); that is to say that the viewers of these ads can sign up under you in GoBIG7.com. This is going to change the internet advertising world completely!


So that's my heads up about this program. They suggest getting 2 sign ups to get the ball rolling, so you can advertise and make money all in the one program, time will tell how good this is.


To find out more I have a video you can watch.


Watch Video Here





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I joined a few weeks ago...but not impressed.

Got 4 clicks to the two ads displayed there. Don't

see the advertising there as effective due to tons of 

ads. Few will read any of them...as there is NO incentive

to do so (that I'm aware of anyway).


I only put 2 ads up...to test it out. Time will tell.

Warmest Regards,

John Lederer

Marketer since 1995

Online since 2000

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