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What is The Most Unique Feature About Your Favorite Autoresponder?

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GetResponse released something called Perfect Timing, which sends the broadcast to the individuals on your list at the time they are most likely to open it. They said it increases opens by 23% and click rates by 20%. It's not useful for time-sensitive broadcasts but if there is no rush it's pretty cool.

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Yea, I can't knock GetResponse.


I used to use it and I remember liking it immediately.


The affiliate program is pretty darn good and the interface is sweet.


I'd suggest it to a friend if I had to.


As for why I don't use it anymore, well, it's because I like another autoresponder more.


Mr. Olander, that sounds like a very interesting feature.

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I used Getresponse when I first came online. It was the first auto-responder I came across. I still use it for my older campaigns.


I also use Aweber as well as I found that it intigrates with more systems and services. It seems to be the more popular than most other auto-responders.


Whatever the auto-responder, the most unique feature is the "unsubscribe" button. If they don't like to be on my list, they can use it. I only want people who want to work with me and I never want to hole any one else back from their own progress.




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How is the "unsubscribe" button unique? Many (if not all) autoresponders have them. If I'm not mistaken its the law to have one available for those that want out.


Seasoned marketers know the value in them, while some one new ones may take offense to an unsubscribe request. They only take up valuable space on your list.


Now, I know that some autoresponders will give you the option to opt in to OTHER lists during the process of unsubscribing the original list - now that's a nice feature.


I see that you use more than one autoresponder. Glad to know that people other than myself actually does that. How's that working out for you, Robert?

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Well, I like traffic wave for a few reasons and only one negative...the only negative is that their hosted capture pages are a little bland and outdated...the positives are its inexpensive BUT it give you UNLIMITED CAMPAIGNS and UNLIMITED SUBSCRIBERS......Many of the others limit the numbers of campaigns and the number of subscribers at double the price!!!

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I am astonished that I scroll and read the posts those posted about 8+ years ago.


Yes, nowadays, autoresponder provides more features than that time.

Even, they compete each other for adding new features, provide values to captivate the current and ongoing customers. Out there there are also lot of free Autoresponders come that can feed your whole BUSKET.

But, You should always choose such which you are comfortable most.

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i have seen so many autoresponders heck some of them I had no clue how to even get a email going out lol.

But leadsleap is rockin it here in 2023.

I ADORE the pages you can duplicate it just is soooo nice for helping downlines.

And I'm one of these systems folks I love coming up with little systems and

now with leadsleap people can duplicate my systems.


WHO HOOOO.  I guess you would call them splash pages but you can really use them for anything

instructions etc.  The sky is the limit best splash maker for free online






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