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What is Your PTC Income Strategy?

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For those of you that are affiliates of some of the best

and most reputable PTCs, could you share with us

some of your tactics to boost your success with them?


Are you focusing more on referring others, or on

viewing ads (thus earning manually)?


What percentage of each do you do, and how often?


Thank you all.  :unsure:



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Guest Paul Nulty

I am focusing on just two at this present time, I like the revenue share concept simply because I can earn daily revenue share regardless of wether I have sponsored new members or not. I also like the idea of clicking on high value cash links. This allows me to not only advertise my promotions across the web with GEO Targeting by country location but also gives me a steady income.


I use Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays for daily income and traffic.

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I only promote Traffic Monsoon and I use my own splash page.


My total focus is on getting referrals, because it pays me a matching bonus of their entire earnings from clicking, so it adds up fast.


I only click the 10 required ads each day and grab all the cash links in respect for my sponsor.


I also promote another opportunity and include Traffic Monsoon in my autoresponder messages for new people to use as a feeder income to afford the low monthly fee it requires.


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