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Guest Paul Nulty

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Guest Paul Nulty

As a member and affiliate of MC - Marketing Checkpoint I am curious to know if there is a way for me to share topics and forum posts through the share button from within MC and link that share to my affiliate ID? Allowing readers who have not yet joined MC to join through my affiliate ID.


Any ideas or suggestions?



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I've tried to find an answer and was unable, the referral application is not a common use for this forum software unfortunately. I did test it by trying to add a call for the referral ID in the url but that did not work, so it would require some custom work I think... which would be sometime before we could get to it. 


I'm going to "upgrade" to a different referral system though that will allow for shorter links and I'll test it again with that.

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Just a thought, but could you ask new members to enter their sponsor in a box during signup? Then we could offer a bonus if they do it that they can't get anywhere else.


As a sidenote, the length of the referral link is horrible! I thought about using a shortner, but that can also cause problems with some links.


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