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I have been reading about better methods for blogging for higher pay. I believe good writing should be compensated well. I see a lot about outsourcing and paying low rates for writing. I am not with that.


For those who know the true value of good writing skills, you can do guest blogging and be paid better. You can learn more at beafreelanceblogger.com


Also, on your blog, if you are established, you can use CPA ads which are easier to get paid from.


I'd love to know if you have experience in these areas or just how you relate to what I have said.

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Although my writing skills are very good, I have paid for blogs on several occasions and suffered from 'writers block', perhaps due to uncertainty and fear. I simply


abandoned them without writing a word.  About three years ago I subscribed to an income generation program using Blogger.com.  After making a few posts I gave up. 


I now own a Blog which I started this year using the Instant Blog Subscribers platform.  I do not blog daily and I am not making money, although I promote


products and share on social media.  Although I have heard of guest blogging before, I was not aware that payment could be received.  I will check out


the freelanceblogger.com site.  Thank you very much for the idea Andrea.  I will keep you posted.




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My biggest issue with trying to keep any blog up and running is being creative enough to keep it up. Ask any blogger or writer, they can tell you it is not easy to keep good, fresh content each week. I have noted that some bloggers have switched to vlogs to generate their content. I am left wondering if they still have the same problems. 

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i would like to be a member of that forum as well, what's the address? can i promote there as well?

I would promote the blog the dame way That I would promote any site...

I had an advertising forum that had over 10,000+ members and I promote it like I would any other programs...

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It was a free forum and my forum and others got shut down because we was offering Free Advertising...


I guess they couldn’t compete with us giving free advertising away for free..


They wanted to sell advertising... I guess no one was paying for it when the got it for free...

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