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My name is Rev Abraham Yew. I am new here.


I thought one way I can contribute value in this forum is to share some of my copywritten promo scripts that I specifically wrote for my yewnstube channel targetted for paid YouTube video advertising. They may be used freely, edited, enhanced... do whatever you wish with them.


I am a partner of a new online gig, KindredIMAcademy aka KIMA, in the internet marketing, making money online niche, using the MLM biz model to create passive, massive income potential for members. The Comp Plan is uniquely structure to help the 95% who struggle online.


Now in Matrix Launch with 90% discounted entry, costs only $10 one time out of pocket to engage. All other upgrades come from subsequent earned income. The excitement has been growing steadily since we matrix launched recently and people comes to know about us. Feel free to connect if interested. Or find us in Facebook - KIMA Support Forum. Tell us you come from this forum. I am an administrator there. Will give you special attention!


Here is my first sharing, one of my copy, wishing you all the best.


Would you invest the next 30 seconds for financial freedom?
The reason people fail is primarily a lack of knowledge.
Fact is 95% don't make money online. They don't know how.
How about you? That can change here.
Here is the solution you need to really succeed and I am proof of it.
Get 31 videos lessons Free instantly - Crash Course on How to Succeed Making Money Online.
Simply sign up as a free member now in the link below.

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