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After talking with a lot of people online in communities like this, that are aware of the benefits from running a blog, but reluctant to make the jump for fear of lacking the experience, skills and drive to keep it going, I found a simple solution.


One of my associates was in that position, so I helped him set up a VLOG where he didn't need to write more than a quick description, then copy and paste an embed code from YouTube. In fact he can just find the content he wants and email me a link, because I am happy to do it for him in about two minutes.


He can still inject a money making link once in a while (since it's self-hosted WordPress), but the meat and potatoes is provided free (still perfectly legitimate) by Curating Videos on any suitable topic.


Sure people can just visit YouTube and see them, but that requires a lot of time and the thick-skin it takes to wade through all the junk and off-color humor some people find offensive.


You can see how simple the concept is, by visiting his Vlog, just Click Here


If this might interest you, help is available for free.



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Hi Old Buddy,


I'm afraid your link doesn't seem to be working, but I think I get the gist of what you're saying.


I have already incorporated a couple of YouTube videos into posts in my blog, both to add interest and to educate people about issues I'm addressing. Having read your post I'm inspired to maybe try a few posts with minimal text and just focused on the video...

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