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How Do You Use Traffic Exchanges To Generate Traffic?


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Mostly, I build up referrals and benefit from referrals surfing (free credits) :D


Yep, I do the same thing and have done that from day one.


I think people miss the part of building up referrals and leveraging their time and effort thru the help of others.

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I click, I click and I click LMAO! Just joking! Like you guys said, the best way to do it is to build your downline.



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The way I would use Traffic Exchanges:


1. Join a Traffic Exchange Downline Builder with about 20 programs are less.

2. I would surf about 5 or more traffic exchanges daily. Monday-Fri (Minimum)

3. I would promote programs that people can join for free with the option to upgrade.

4. I would promote the TE downline builder in the TE's to grow my downlines to leverage my time and efforts.

5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 Daily. Monday-Fri (Minimum)

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I no longer use safelists, TEs,  Traffic Co-ops of any kind as most are non buyers and conversions are sooo low....



Hi Bruno, I have made direct sales from using TEs directly promoting the sales page.


Plus, I have bought a lot of stuff from traffic exchanges and viral mailers...


I highly recommend that you give them another chance until you become great using them like I do. :)

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Slightly OT here so apologies, but what TE's are you guys getting results from these days?


Reading this has just made me think that there doesn't seem to have been many TE launches recently compared to mailers?


I still seem to get the best result from the TE that have been around for years e.g Traffic Swarm

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