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Marketing Checkpoint

Posting Guidelines for Program Threads

Darren Olander

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Only one discussion thread (topic) will be allowed for each program. 

Use the search function in the top right to make sure no discussion has already been started for a program before you start a new topic for that program.


New programs must use the following Title Format without your affiliate link:

Program Name - URL


For example, if I was listing Marketing Checkpoint it would look like this:

Marketing Checkpoint - marketingcheckpoint.com


Only the first post (topic starter) can include an affiliate link in their first post. Affiliate links in replies are not allowed.


If you are posting a new program, make sure to include at least one paragraph explaining the program.


To be fair, do NOT post programs that are not open for accepting members yet. The first topic starter after the launch will be accepted.


NEW TOPICS in this part of the forum will be moderated and must be approved first.


If a topic shows (Archived) in the title then it means the program is closed, you should not attempt to join or make payment to such programs.


Thread Bumping is Not Allowed


Due to users generally feeling negatively towards "bumping", the act of replying to a thread with no significant news or discussion just to bring the thread to the top of the discussion list, it is no longer allowed.


If you are unsure if you are "bumping" a clear indicator is that you are replying to a thread where you are already the last person to reply, creating a chain of replies yourself.  This is NOT allowed.

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:unsure: my program was already added.....



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members for free. NO CREDITS REQUIRED. Increase

your reach with credits and hercublurbs.


My #1 Source For Free Advertising On Autopilot

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to start generating traffic on autopilot along with

several FREE marketing and lead generation tools.




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Fair terms! Love Marketing Checkpoint can't wait to dive in to the wealth of information. No denying I need it right now!

It's time to get traffic that pays! Endless chains of $20 commissions and downline building on autopilot.....WHO WANTS IT?

You can get average traffic, or you can get Lucrative Traffic here and now!



Click here for multiple payment notifications and downline members daily!

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Fair terms! Love Marketing Checkpoint can't wait to dive in to the wealth of information. No denying I need it right now!


Hi Melaney,


it's real simple, check to see if the site is listed in the Program Threads, If you're the 1st to list it, then post it.


Once the site has been approved it will be shown for the forum members to see.


Here's how the subject title should be listed from "marketingcheckpoint.com" to:


Marketing Checkpoint - marketingcheckpoint.com  (That's the correct format)


Marketing Checkpoint is the greatest forum that I have ever seen!  (Wrong Format)

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