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EasyHits4U is simply the top traffic exchange online, and should be a "must-have" for anyone using exchange advertising to promote their business.  Long-running and now well over a million members, EH4U continues to advance the advertising options for members.  Exceptional targeting, managed delivery rates and more make this an exceptional ad source.  Everyone earns some extra pocket money for surfing, and as an EH4U affiliate you'll enjoy residual traffic for years with up to 6 levels of downline traffic earnings.  Even if you use only one traffic exchange - this should be the one!


Over a million members + geo-targeting + cash surfing + multi-level downline = WIN


Join in at EasyHits4U today!

Follow me =>  KurtHilliard.com

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The lucky one who created the topic before me  :D  #1 traffic exchange!



Email 1000 Random Members Daily Without Credits

Log in everyday and submit your ad to 1000 random

members for free. NO CREDITS REQUIRED. Increase

your reach with credits and hercublurbs.


My #1 Source For Free Advertising On Autopilot

Reliable traffic service online for over 7 years. 2 ways

to start generating traffic on autopilot along with

several FREE marketing and lead generation tools.




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EasyHits4U has been around for 18 years and it is still the biggest and best traffic exchange.


It now has over 1.7 MILLION members and continues to give superb results.


I have been a member of the sites since I started using Traffic Exchanges since I been online and that's odder than 18 years.


Time really do flies when you're having fun doing what you love to do... :) 

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Even if you use only one traffic exchange - this should be the one!



I agree very much so, however, Easy Hits 4 U is a totally different animal when you upgrade to Ultimate. They are SO generous with what you receive for a subscription. When you see how they reward you, you'll quickly forget about the "cost." A wider variety of ads as with the member base. This platform is hard to deny.


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