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Cash In On Banners


CashinOnBanners (CIOB) is an outstanding lifetime advertising value. For a one time purchase of $10 you get unlimited banner rotations PLUS the power of viral growth as your downline, down SIX Levels. (You can join this program as a FREE member and earn your upgrade. This is not recommended unless you have absolutely no money to get started.)

Even more incredible is the Reverse 2up Instant Pay Compensation Plan. The leverage is huge and we all love INSTANT Commissions.

Join CashInOnBanners Today!

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I agree, CashinOnBanners (CIOB) is outstanding.


I like CIOB Reverse 2up Instant Pay Compensation Plan. I like that we have the option of upgrading members in our downlline for free as a upgraded member.


The one-time fee is great and you make your money back on your first sale... Outstanding! :ph34r:

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I also highly recommend this site, it may not do much for you if you get no referrals but if you start getting referrals there you can possibly earn a great extra source of banner exposure as your banners will rotate on spot 2 (from above)

when your referrals advertise the page. Spot 3 when their referrals advertise and so on, spot #7 and #8 will also randomly show any upgraded members banners whenever anyone advertises the page (if I didn't understand that part wrong)


Since this is asepkomara's post and I happend to have CIOB in my sig - and I like having CIOB in my sig so I don't want to remove it just for posting here. I would say anyone who sees this post and wants to join CIOB, unless you have a friend you want to join make sure to join through asepkomara's link above and not through my sig, I always welcome referrals but I don't want to steal them.


Success for all of us, that's what I hope for :)

Some resources I use can be found over here

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I made good money with this one and generate a lot of traffic. Been a long time member and is one of the program I actively promote. Recommended! For 10$ it's a big deal because these days you don't get much for 10$. At cashinonbanners you will get lifetime traffic and this program is not ready to go offline.



Email 1000 Random Members Daily Without Credits

Log in everyday and submit your ad to 1000 random

members for free. NO CREDITS REQUIRED. Increase

your reach with credits and hercublurbs.


My #1 Source For Free Advertising On Autopilot

Reliable traffic service online for over 7 years. 2 ways

to start generating traffic on autopilot along with

several FREE marketing and lead generation tools.




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I'm a creator and owner of Cash In On Banners program.

For all interested - new features are added pretty often,


Login pages are very popular, they are displayed at login on all my 4 programs.

Paid banner advertising on the site (for CIOB members) is one of them that gained popularity fast.


As many know, upgrade is paid member to member only, the administration is making money as all members, only from upgrades of personally enrolled and passed up members.




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Ever wonder why you have to work so hard in Cash in on Banners to make a buck or so?


A 2up or reverse 2 up system always means that you have to give away referrals that could make you money. In many cases the ones who do pay to upgrade are the exact ones you give to your sponsor and while this sounds good if the downline you expect to get also passes up buyers to you it usually happens that referring is a pain in the ASH. For one the advertising is poor grade. You are lost in a sea of banners and promoted on the lowest quality sources of traffic that convert best with lead captures and splash pages and very poorly for banner and text links. Most people looking at the program realize the traffic is practically nonexistent and converts poorly and the 2 up system means giving away their downline, often their paying downline and they stay away.


I am a member of both Cash in on Banners and Buckets of Banners and of the two BOB delivers far better results on their upgraded memberships, doesn;t take your referrals away, and pays residual monthly commissions on your referrals upgrades. Their banner surf for pro members is far better converting and the site looks great instead of outdated.


I will note it has been a couple years since I logged in last but didn't find enough positive to warrant even $10 of my profits. I might give it another go if someone can tell me something new that might alieviate some of the negatives I mentioned.

Andy Zeus Anderson


I'm Writing 10 Bitcoin Blank Checks this month, will you claim one of them? Mailer On Fire Contest!


Get the FREE report that tells the truth of why you are failing to make money online. Click here for your free report now.

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Thanks CaptKirk. I've contacted them numerous times trying to find out what's going on and have not received any response.Whatever the problem is it's affecting all their affiliate websites. Cash In On Banners, Adviralizer, AZAdboard and Hot Links Cycler. You'd think they would have the decency to notify their affiliates of the problem instead of just leaving us in the dark.Very unprofessional.

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I had a funny feeling the owner must of died and its what usually happens the program

just closes down.  I kinda wish they had sold it. I liked it.


Hi Claire,


That's the disadvantages of one owner programs. When the owners died, our business died with them. 

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Yeah Agree with you on that one Tommie.  I've always known that too.


I have built downline in several programs where I have had over 10,000+ members in each of the programs and they vanished offline without a trace.


After all, I have been online for 20+ years and counting and I have seen a lot of programs come and go and those that mostly go.


PayPal were the cause of numerous programs to go offline... 

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Yep you are one of the ones i turn to for building downlines.  That is a horror losing that many downlines!

wow you have a lot of patience.  Thats a good trait Tommie

That’s why I’m always looking for new places to post free ads.


It’s easy to get people to join your downline when you the first ir only person people see advertising the site.


I have had Top Promoters, Top Marketers and Top owners joining new sites that I’m promoting.


Of course, I join new sites that they introduce that I haven’t joined. :)

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