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I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the forum to TopShare Global, a new revshare program launching 6/5/16 and currently accepting new members and subscriptions.


TSG is possibly the most-anticipated revshare platform of 2016. Over 12,000 members have already joined!


Some key features of the site:

  • Affordable adpacks starting at $3
  • Earn up to 150% on adpacks
  • Up to 10% referral commissions
  • Withdraw up to 5x your deposit
  • Daily earnings up to 24%
  • 100% refund available (no kidding!)
  • 10-member admin team

One of the key admins is a programmer, who custom-designed the site and revshare script. The site includes program health widgets, such as the external income widget, that allow members to monitor for themselves how the program is running and provides transparency in the revenue being shared.


As with any revshare, getting in early is the safest approach, though this admin team is convinced they have a business plan that can sustain itself well beyond the usual 4-6 month window given to faster revshares. Always withdraw seed in 4-6 weeks, and be safe.


Join TSG today!


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