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Idea for a piece of software

Len Koski

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Hello everyone


I have had an idea for a piece of software that for a long time I wished someone would construct. I think many marketers would use it. I'm sure it is one of those "why didn't I think of that" types.


Having had a couple of not so good experiences with coders I'm wondering if anyone here can help me out. The way I see it, it's a pretty basic software and should be pretty easy to build.


Thanks in advance



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The first thing coders will tell you that if it were basic and simple you wouldn't need a coder. The thing you probably need most is startup capital to get it developed professionally instead of by 3rd world fly by night programmers. This would also allow you to have site and copy professionally created and give you money to run a launch contest and pre-launch promotions. I suggest Go-Fund-Me as they have a large tech following investing in tools like marketing software. If you are looking at a Joint Venture you might look up Walt Bayliss or Bill Portnova if this is something that might be turned into a Wordpress plugin.


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Thanks for your input. Yes I think this is a pretty simple piece of software. This is a utility for more the beginner to intermediate marketer so I think a WP plugin wouldn't work. I have talked with coders on Freelancer and Odesk and other sites but their interest was more in how much money I would pay without really wanting to discuss my idea. I did have a local guy give me a quote but he wasn't really doing things for marketers.


I'm seeing variations of my idea out there and I know folks would use it as I have always thought it would be useful.


Thanks again for your comments

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Len, do you see yourself as a coder in this project? I have just found https://bitbucket.org/

It looks like a platform where coders can interact in a team.

Is it of any use to you?


Good luck anyways!

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