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Lies From The Start!


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There's at least one squeeze page around at the moment which opens with 'Only 17 Places Left' and then counts down every few seconds that you don't enter your details... 'Only 16 Places Left'... 'Only 15 Places Left' etc.


The hilarious thing is, refresh the page and whaddya know... There's miraculously 17 places left again lol!


Why would anyone sign up under someone who's clearly lying to them from the outset about the opportunity? It doesn't bode well for a good experience down the line...

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Are you guys serious?  Count down timers like that are a common scarcity tactic that a lot of sites use.  Countdown timers, one time offers, page redirects, this industry is chalk full of that type of marketing and I consider it perfectly acceptable within the wild wild west of Internet Marketing.  My 2 cents at least.

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I have nothing against one-time offers or countdown timers per se, but something which is deliberately misleading like that? Not for me.


The question is, do we WANT to live and work in a wild-west-style community of dog-eat-dog and every man for himself attitudes, or do we want to weed out that kind of bull and foster honesty, integrity and trustworthiness instead?

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Here, here. Without going into too much detail, scarcity marketing is “scarcity marketing” i.e.  a genuine offer for a limited time or availability...

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Always looking for quality...

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As soon as I see a countdown timer, or any other fear based pressure tactic, I stop reading. If it truly is a limited time offer, it will not be measured in minutes. Same with someone selling an e-book or some other training claiming those secrets are only available to a limited few. If they were truly secrets they didn't want widespread, they wouldn't be sold through affiliate marketing. Bullshit means no sale.

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Guest mrclean0325

"Scarcity marketing" is one thing, like when you have so many slots for a training or such.


Outright lying is another.


Like the "OTO - never to be seen again at this price" when you see it again a few minutes later. Or the ones who say it will be gone once you leave the page and it isn't since you can go back and it is still there. I don't know how many things I bought and returned before even getting through the crappy lying OTOs.


I know if they are dishonest in the ads, the product will be crap too. I also found a lot of these types have a "NO refund" policy hidden away in their stuff - even in WSOs. I have been "blacklisted" by a few vendors since they did give me refunds on their "no refund" products like I care and would ever do business with them again anyway.

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Guest mrclean0325

The way i see it, if they give me anything useful: a new site I didn't know about, a technique I can use, or any worthwhile info - I am fine with it. Money well spent if I can use the info for cheap and I don't have to spend a ton of time searching myself and researching it.


I don't expect to learn the "secrets of the universe and how to make $10K a day in 7 days" for $10. Anyone who does needs their head examined.


The vendor also knows that even though they say no refund, PayPal says different. So I have been cussed out a few times by email from them as they did refund me. No skin off my nose.


The ones I refund are the absolute garbage ones with stuff that hasn't worked for years, stuff that only works for a day or two, stuff that violates every TOS known to man, or are just plain morally and ethically reprehensible.


It always amazes me the extent people will go to make a buck or two. I could tell you stories....


A lot of them were something you would expect to see on a black hat forum and not in a WSO; but, they are there. It is funny that even though most of the people involved say safelists and TEs are junk traffic; why do they go to all the trouble of making a WSO on how to hack them for free traffic? Some were ones so badly done, it is like they were translated from Japanese to Russia, then to Korea, then to Swedish, then to English or the videos are so bad all you can make out are the "ummm", "uhhh", and grunts.


It does go to show people that even crap sells and makes money. If you look at the refund rates in WarriorPlus, even the absolute trash ones with over 10% refund rates have had 90% of the people KEEP them and not refund. So the crap sellers are laughing all the way to the bank.

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  • 4 weeks later...

well i've now bought two products that had scarcity and they still nearly the 

same price as they were months ago when I bought them with the scarcity

timer at





This is just greed.  I'm sorry to say i left a program up too long years before

timers came about. I apologize not only to others but to you and God.

Its just not right.


And its worse now because of the timers.


Guess we need to think more about what we're doing with these timers

before we look just as goofy.  Bad Bad Bad.






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