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What I can say, the very good is getting even better.

Confirmed Traffic is getting solo ads and instant commission!


If you are still not a member there, I highly recommend joining it ASAP,

the site has a total membership of over 9,000 members and it is absolutely awesome!!


Frank Salinas, (due to an unexpected family emergency), 

sold this site back in March. 

Now he got it back and he has HUGE plans for it!


(BTW, same situation happened with his PS Click Power,

he sold it together with Confirmed Traffic and just got it back,

so expect good things happening in PS Click Power too)


Frank knows how to keep his membership happy and active
and his confirmed ads are fast becoming one of my most responsive advertising.


Please watch this video to understand how confirmed ads works:




and if you are not a member, please register.


and get 10 banner ads & 10 text ads with
1,000 Impressions!
As a free member you will be able to post 2 confirmed ads daily, 
and trust me, those ads will get you clicks and conversions!
I love most of Frank's sites, so I am Confirmed Traffic Co-Admin member,
(I haven't join it when it launched, I just joined it 4 days ago, when I learned from his email that he got it back),
and as an elite member, my click there is very powerful,
so I always have some extra credits that I will gift to you for your registration under my ref link.
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