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Is traffic Hurricane a scam or Genuine?


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Is Traffic Hurricane a SCAM or NOT, all depends entirely upon which Traffic Hurricane we are talking about! I am all about facts and not hearsay or gossip so I dug up the facts and present them here.


http://trafficexchangehurricane.com/ Appears to be just a Traffic Exchange and appears to be legit.


http://viraltraffichurricane.com/ Also appears to be just a Traffic Exchange and also appears to be legit.


https://traffichurricane.plus Is a Traffic Monsoon clone.


http://pipstycoon.org/rotator/index.html This is traffichurricane.plus promo page that I found on the internet.


http://behindmlm.com/companies/traffic-monsoon/traffic-hurricane-ernest-ganz-launches-traffic-monsoon-ponzi-clone/  This a very detailed explanation of traffichurricane.plus. I see SCAM written all over it.

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Traffic Hurricane seems to be a good program on the first look nut with so many programs going scam one can go wrong very easily.


Anyone knowing more about this site can help?


Which Traffic Hurricane are you talking about? There are several Traffic Hurricane.

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