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What is the best PTC


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Guest mrclean0325

I have had pretty good luck with Inbox Dollars, the payout level is high ($30) as a newbie member though. It isn't quick either as they send a check, but they have a lot of stuff to make a few bucks pretty quickly. They also let you spin the wheel to get other chances to win stuff even if you don't qualify for a survey. SuperPay.me is another I have made some money with and the surveys pay MUCH more than anywhere else.

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Hi, what is the best PTC ? I know king & Queen, Neo bux & Clixsense, they really awesome! what others, where one can earn a good income & have multiple features to earn.......

Hi, I have put 30 PTC's on this rotator URL and they have lotsl ways of earning and quick payout.  just keep clicking my rotator URL link and sign up for all 30 sites.. I make almost $1,000 a month.. click here or copy paste;  http://trks.us/r7133

Carter, Tracy D.
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Hi there my fellow Swirler :) I just joined here, I agree with most that Neobux & Clixsense are the best, but I think that scarlet clicks could also be quite good.


I would recommend taking a look at ptccentral established ptc and legit ptc, the owner there seems to keep it real (at least in my opinion) and reviews sites quite thoroughly


JB's ptc ppcadsource is listed there now among the legit sites as it has been up and paying long enough to make the list, I'm a member but not very active yet

Some resources I use can be found over here

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Renting referrals is a waste of time. There are no such thing as Human Rented Referrals as all of them are bots, monitored by PTCs Admin. So he manages if users are going to profit with RRs or not. If you use your head a little bit you can see that admin won't loose his money to users renting utopia...

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