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Guest mrclean0325

Hosting will cost you around $10 bucks or less depending on what you intend to do with the site. Domain names can cost around $10 per year depending on what sales are on and ".what" you want. Depending on what kind of site you want, it is pretty easy to find free WordPress themes on just about any topic. So you are looking at around $11 bucks a month on the cheap. What you intend to do with the site will depend on how you will monetize it. This is where the "rub" and the learning curve comes in. A lot depends on what you are good at and what you need to make money with it.


There are totally free options, but you are limited on what you can do with the site. Usually no affiliate links or ads from the site have to be show. This is not a good way to go if you are trying to monetize the site itself. You are also very limited on bandwidth and if you get a lot of traffic they will shut it down.


So realistically you will need to make around $13 dollars per month to be 10% above the cost.

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how much money is needed to start a website
programming knowledge
And what are the biggest challenges to have a sustainable site with earnings per month of about 10% over the costs.



I have a turn-key website that I paid $14.00 a month:

  • No Product needed!
  • The website is easy to run, even by a novice!
  • Nothing to ship!
  • Keep 100% of the profit!
  • Customers pay you directly!
  • Your customers are even rewarded for helping you advertise!
  • Even use it to build an email mailing list to sale other products/services (if you want)!
  • The amount of money that you earn will depend on your marketing efforts...

Included with your site:

  • A Domain name 
  • Website hosting 
  • Installed scripts and free updates and upgrades when available 
  • Easily customize your site to look the way you want it to 
  • Your site is designed so that people will help you advertise it 
  • Tools to reverse advertise other products or services
  • Create your own mailing list from the people who place ads on your site
  • Audio/Video Tutorials that even teach you how to advertise your site. 
  • And of course awesome customer service 


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