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Do you wonder if traffic exchanges will be around in 5 years? Where will they be in 3 years?


I think there's a big gap between those who survive the technology crunch and those who fall in to the abyss of outdated, broken functionality. Society is becoming very affixed to mobile, fast, on-the-go technology that will crush those who lack to try keeping up.


Anyone care to discuss?

Hustle. Do everything in your power to reach beyond your goals.

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I think there will always be traffic exchanges. They worked 10 years ago, they worked 5 years ago, the work now and they will work in the future. Surfers are a bright bunch of people and they will go the the TEs that they feel comfortable doing business with.


I do want to make one point. :) Surfing for pennies and nickels is not a business. People need to find a business to promote on traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges are an advertising platform. A TE can be a business if you are in the business of promoting traffic to others. Just an old guys thoughts

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technology crunch and you put it Matt is only a part of it.


Traffic G Hit2hit break that rule Both do well and have nothing fancy about them.


TE's are a group of Niche sites - Some are game sites some are penny sites some are High tech.


and some are just te's in 5 years I thing we will see the te's split apart more and more to be come there own Niche from the original concept.


no matter what a basic te and the most advanced do the same thing they show a site.


just my thoughts

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I think traffic exchanges will be around because if you realize who is on there and target your advertising to them you get great results. As long as you get results they will be around.

I have seen and like that the traffic exchanges are continually updating and that some of them with simpler scripts and websites are falling by the way side.

Traffic Exchanges still work and a big part of where I get my traffic so you guys better not go any where.

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I actually think TE's are doing a complete 180 at least some of them. We really went down the wrong path turning TE's into some crazy prize ptc game instead of focusing on what really matters and that's conversions on your ads. No affiliate is going to spend money if they are not getting results. Yes branding has its purpose but results and branding via my list is better then thousands of pointless clicks.
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I believe TE's will be around for a long time. They're consistent and offer a closer group of people who are continuously see opportunities from the same people. While they may not be as high tech as some mailers or safelist, they offer a more personable service. I own three sites and I would say that the reason I am doing well is because my customer service is "stellar." I value the hard work my customers put into preparing their ads and recognize the "time is of the essence." I also have available a 24/7 phone line for my customers. How many of those big sites do you know that put out a phone number? Not too many. TE's Rock!

Deanna Fisher



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TEs have definitely changed over the years...good in some ways, bad in others.

And I don't think technology has anything to do with it. Some of the most successful TEs are still on their original scripts with no bells & whistles or high-tech additions.


I do agree with James in that TEs will be splitting into different niches. Some will be focused on advertisers, others on cash-surfing or games or the social aspect....each will attract a different audience. I don't think TEs can be all things to all people anymore. The members will choose which ones to go to based on their own needs.


And I also agree with Tony that surfing for cash is NOT a business and owners should not be teaching their members that it is. That's doing a great disservice to all the members.


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I would like to say that I agree heartily with Tony and with Sean.

There are many TEs around that are giving surfers the wrong priorities.

Games, contests and such are FUN, they are not business. I personally

can't even pay for my internet with pennies, nor do I value my time

at that price.


I also believe that the term "Traffic Exchange" extends to all Safelists,

Text ad Exchanges, List Builders and the such. They all do the same thing,

some are email based, and some have additional features. To the people who

say that they only like Safelists or TAEs and not TEs.... my response is that

they have not used the proper TEs.


It is difficult to compare safelists and TEs directly, because each credit

on a TE becomes a page view, while each credit on a safelist is an email, but

not neccesarily a page view. Both of these are assuming that the end user

does not have the page in a background window. I also think that there are

many TEs that do not have a high enough ratio per click.


The optimal ratio, is as close to 1 to 1 ratio as possible. I have started a

brand new traffic exchange. This article here is the first time that I will have

mentioned it, and this is due to my strong support for Darren, and his philosophy

twoards marketing. There is no better value for a marketing system as Prosperity

Marketing System, and I took these ideals and fashioned them into a traffic exchange.


What I have designed is a TE that gives a generous 50% ratio to free members, and

a 1 to 1 ratio for paid members. The trick is that paid membership is only ONE

dollar a month. This also creates a paid membership site where I can distribute

MRR and PLR to paid members at no cost. What I have designed is a marketing

resource that is not going to cost much.




As for the original question, I believe that without innovation TEs will die, and

become antiquated. This is still a relevant field and a means of advertising,

but as users and owners we must adapt our idea of a valuable resource in order

to stay current.


Matt, as for your comment about fast, on the go mobile technology... I couldn't

agree more. If a traffic exchange is not able to be viewed on cell phones, then you have lost a good portion of your possible customers. I was surprised to see the amount of people delving into internet marketing through their phones. Fast, also brings to mind the argument over surf timers. There are many sites that have long and drawn out surf timers. I have heard both sides of this argument, and I am torn. While I agree that a longer timer gives more advertising time per page, I also understand the argument that a person is going to be attracted to the ad and click within the first few seconds. For my TE, I have set my surf timer low, with the idea that the reduced timer will create more page clicks over time, which results in better advertising for my customers.


Thanks for the interesting topic.... you can see that it interested me.


William Brower


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I agree with some of these points..


I would love to make my sites mobile but really there is zero demand from it - I have yet to see a site in rotation on any traffic exchange while surfing that can really handle a mobile environment, and if the sites aren't advertised to that market - then really I am doing a disservice by putting them there - nobody is going to click on a splash page and fill out a registration form with 25 different things from their cell phone.


As far as technology goes - absolutely. If you're not moving forward then you're moving backward.. and if you are reading this thinking that means if you aren't moving backwards then that must mean your moving forwards? wrong! If you aren't moving - you're moving backwards lol - you can quote all these old Dinosaur "TE's" all day long if you want but I wouldn't even call their technology that far behind, their design is dated but they have features most of these TE's can't even begin to come up with on their own.


The #1 Issue with the "Traffic Exchange Industry" (besides trying to lump all these different types of sites into one category) is everyone just following eachother all in a line.


One Traffic Exchange does something, then another, then another, then another.. every one keeps doing the same things with the same features and using them the same ways - the reason why some succeed and others fail is simply by breaking out of line and doing it your own way. Join the top 5 "Traffic Exchanges" from any top list and you will find vast differences - and in that you will see why they are the top 5 - not becuase they are following someone elses lead - but because they are the ones whose lead is being followed.


When it comes to surfing for pennies - I don't really give a crap.


Traffic Exchanges are based on reward mechanisms right down to their DNA - before you surfed for pennies you surfed for credits - it's the exact same thing.


The major difference however, is where you go from there.


Telling your members that surfing is actually a means of earning income from your site, is where the problem stems - you are doing such a massive disservice to your members and also your advertisers by reinforcing that message - your members can do better and simply helping them SEE that will not only build endless loyalty, but also very active and successful surfers - and lets be honest people who are finding success with their business are ALWAYS looking for new tools and resources to help them grow their business even more - it really is a win win situation. Take that member and tell them instead that they make money by surfing 500 pages a day, then not only will they feel betrayed when they realize that there is so much more to it then that, but the people they are advertising are getting little result.. and this isn't opinion, it's fact.


The games and the badges, stickers, mouse points, stamps and whatever the hell else are just mechanisms for motivating people - it's what you are motivating them to do, and what you do from there that defines what happens next. Want to use this to create activity and nothing else? That's totally fine, do your thing...


I own a business and I am successful with my business because I can help my affiliates become better affiliates, and I can help people who came because they thought they could earn a few cents, instead earn a few dollars - and that is how I succeed. The only thing of REAL value you can give away is your knowledge and support, just giving them a few cents and calling it a day is a recipe for failure and I'm not about racing to the bottom.


The Key things from this I guess I want to say is - do it your way, and focus on what you can do to elevate your members as much as possible, give them the most you possibly can to help them succeed, and they will never forget that.

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I definitely think traffic exchanges will be around for a long time.


As far as mobile goes, I have been surfing on a Kindle Fire HD. Even sites that aren't thought to be "mobile" are mobile on that. The screen in about 9-10 inches. I do sign up for things using it. In fact, I enjoy surfing much more with it than on my laptop computer. I sit outside in the yard and surf sometimes. I really like it that way.

Internet Marketer from Indiana, USA. 

Want to see what I'm doing? Click Here

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That is one hefty post, John. You make some very good points.


The mention of mobile use is interesting. I have questioned whether it would be worthwhile trying to be mobile friendly, but it seems you have the answer. And to that, it makes sense. You may get surfers but nobody is going to try to navigate a page, fill out a form, or anything too time consuming.

Hustle. Do everything in your power to reach beyond your goals.

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Guest Paul Nulty

Interesting topic, I think it is good to have internet presence on all platforms, I have skimmed through most of the posts and replies and I think that just about every area has been covered, I still only use my phone for calls and the odd text message, even though it has the ability to do 10001 other things, I'd rather sit at my PC when it comes to doing business.

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