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Mailers, are they getting you results?

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They are a core part of my advertising, I'm getting great results with mailers. I use around 20-25 mailers every day.

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For sure mailers are working, but the main part is the consistency.

Post on a regular basis (daily, not yearly) and you will get results.


All this "earning money in the internet" is work, plan your marketing and focus your business, use safelists, viralmailer and every promo, and you will succeed.


If mailer don't work for you, you are doing something wrong. Sorry..

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Mailers are absolutely getting me results....I wouldn't use over 100 of them if they weren't LOL.


The key is to use them consistently. And just like anywhere else, you need to brand yourself in mailers. Don't think because your picture isn't showing that you won't get noticed....people will start to recognize your NAME, so it's extremely important that you sign your name to every email you send.



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I see lots of great points and pointers.


Here is 1 I am sure most of you know:


Create subject lines that compel people to click.


Speaking from my own pattern of usage;

on most of the mailers where I am upgraded,

I do not need to read emails for credits,

but I do need to open at least 1 in order to log in.


If your subject line captured my interest, that was the one I clicked.


A simple lesson, but it all starts there.


You want readers, not just credit clickers.


Thank you for reading,

Thomas H. Keoppel

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I Make My Living Using Mainly Mailers in my Business... I use many ad sources but Mailers is my Core Ad Source... The Page you are Advertising is The Most Import Stick out, be different, Be Unique... Track what works Best! And some Mailers is way more then a classic safelist... I get tons of results with Login Ads, Banners and text links... Use Them ALL! I get referrals every day from Mailers... been like this the last 4 years now! Being Consistent - Persistent Is THE Key! For me not sending in my regular mailers takes high fever, severe illness lol and even then I often take a few pills get it done then sleep lol Mailers ROCK... PS. See My Blog for my latest reviews, rankings stefanbergs.com

1. Owner of: http://theleadmagnet.com/images/sb468x60.gif (Ranked #1 - 75 weeks -  17 700 Members) 


2. Grab My Ebook: ListBuildingMadeEasier.com ---- 2. Read My Blog: StefanBergs. com



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Thank You John Bell and Ron Holcomb ...


from Mister Stefan "modified" Berg lol


I can never get every word right the first time...

I guess I have to write it in words first mohahaha

then paste it in here.. otherwise it will be modified... modified... modified


Anyway Work every Ad Source in the best

way possible... Tweak everything and Anything

as often as possible... Start with the stuff

that hurt the most for your overall results...


If Few sign Up... correct you pages...

If you get many sign Ups in a few programs

but zero in others and very few clicks...

ditch them and move on and try new ones


If you get a lot of Sign Ups but poor conversions

as in active refs and sales... You have to work

on your follow up skills, emails series, sales page etc...

Add people to skype, fb... network with them, HELP Them!


It's a never ending story if you want to move

your results and Your Income Up up up lol...


Mailers ROCK! - Do YOU Rock with Them?


Let's see If I can Leave this post as it is



1. Owner of: http://theleadmagnet.com/images/sb468x60.gif (Ranked #1 - 75 weeks -  17 700 Members) 


2. Grab My Ebook: ListBuildingMadeEasier.com ---- 2. Read My Blog: StefanBergs. com



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I get pretty even results between TE's and Mailers, though I have also a lot of time invested into mastering advertising on TE's..


Mailers are definitely more effective for new people, there is a lot more grace and room for error when creating your ads.. with Traffic Exchanges you need to be more targeted and thoughtful of your audience to pull the same results, though they both serve different functions and each serve them very well, I couldn't say one is better than the other (not just because I own both types) because they both have their place and I wouldn't advertise without making sure to address both mediums.


While Mailers do seem to do very well for acquisition, traffic exchanges are gold when it comes to reminding people to come back to your site :)

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I have a lot of mailers and I tried a lot of them. Some of them are very good, with responsive list, but one of them are having low results and are very restricted.

I'd like to know more sites of mailers, maybe I'll find a list of them.

http://www.1001nightsmailer.com - a paid membership site which allows free members too!


http://www.pizzasafelistmailer.com - my first safelist mailer site!

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I would have to agree with EVERYTHING I just read!  Without mailers, a lot less would happen in this world!!  


Some are better than others though!  Look for how often you can send, how many credits it takes to mail compared to the credits you are getting, and look at the CTR (Click Thru Rate)!!  Try many, keep the ones that work for you.  

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I have seen a lot of great responses to the mailers question. I would like to add that I have found for me, that when I started using mailers with smaller memberships, my click rates skyrocketed. People had more time to really read my posting instead of just clicking for credits. Please don't get me wrong, I use some mailers that have 10,000 's of members and get good response. But when I recently started using more smaller mailers, the results were impressive. 

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