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I really like Buxinside. They paid me several times and they are genuine PTC with unique script and a lot of nice features.

About your account suspension, they clearly say on TOS and on bottom of My account page: 

Your account is at risk! Upgrade to avoid any loss of your earnings.

According TOS 2.9 - After 5 days of inactivity all your earnings will be forfeited (Standard only). This is our strategy to keep the minimum at only $0.10 USD.

I only work with Paypal there. I know they had some issues with Paypal, but they solved that and now it's availabe to withdraw. Yeah they increased a little bit the minimum cashout but unlike many other PTCs that got limited, they not closed paypal payments.

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My a/c wasn't suspended, it was just wiped of all my purchased upgrades, and non-bought referrals. It was long before they stated the T.O.S plainly too. I have been paid by them, but nowhere near as much as I had put in. They keep changing every element which annoys me, as I never know where I stand.

You don't need to be upgraded, it's not essential unless you want to make any real money. The PTP was abused, so now it's worthless too.

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