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Can someone help me with windpowerte?


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There was some sort of an error.  After a day I was able to surf last night just fine.

In today's admin email she said that things were fixed and that if we couldn't surf then to clear cache and something else.

I still can't get in, but I don't really know how to clear my cache.  And, if I do so, will my passwords that are auto saved on sites then not be there anymore?


I have Windows 10 and use the Chrome browser.




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Marsha - to clear your cache in Chrome click the three little dots top right of screen and click 'history' then 'clear browsing data'. You will then be given a choice which data you wish to clear and which you wish to keep.


Just make sure the 'clear cookies' option is UN-ticked and you should keep all your saved passwords.

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