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​This is much more for my own sense of organization, but I want Marketing Checkpoint members to benefit from it. These are all tools that I've stockpiled over the years (all being street-legal to give away, AND, in the case of any PLR/MRR/RR Rights materials, all licenses are included to allow you to conduct ecommerce with it at-will). I'm going to be using this thread to catalog my vast collection of marketer/commerce-based scripts, software, content, and any other resources that help bring organization and propulsion to your current online enterprise;


HTML Articles Template Package | Head Start Audio (PLR/MRR) | $150 Per Day Bum Mktg.
21st Century Networking (MRR) | 25 Ways To Reuse PLR Content | 29 Website Tricks
45 Places To Promote Your EBook50 Great Jewelry-Selling Techniques | 50 Tumblr Traffic Tricks 
750 Traffic Tactics | Affiliate Marketing Ideas | Blog And Traffic | Encyclopedia Of Free Advertising
Essential Traffic  Generation For Internet Marketers | HomeOffice Info Compendium #1
How To Build A Social SEO System | How To Build An SEO Content Factory
How-To Deep-Web For IT | How To Make More Money Easily | I Hate PHP
Mailing List Secrets | The Best Freebie Book In The World...EVER! | TurboChargedTraffic
Ultimate Checklist Canadian Anti-Spam List | Understanding Social Media Marketing
Unicode Emoticons | Web 2.0


I think this'll do for the inaugural session. I plan to leave these here since my storage allows me as much as I need and I'll change out everything about every six months or so to keep the rotation fresh. That should be enough time for people to stumble across it and for it to be of great use to many people. Feel free to contribute any (legal) download lists you have as well here in this thread. Thanks for reading.

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