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I think that traffic token is a complete scam :angry:  the people that do not think so are the one that are selling the affiliate offer

i used them for 3 months i got alot of optins but nobody interacts with your followups....I used free traffic on the same offers

for the same paid offer and got signups and they say they have premium traffic NOT :ph34r: ..


One person got my follow up message and said that she never sign up

for the offer that i was sending to her....im telling you stay away from traffic token...

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I joined them last year and then got a refund.

I did get a lot of optins...but NO SIGN UPS!


What bothered me the most, was the ADDED a

$17 a month affiliate FEE!!! So, you were paying $47

a month for "traffic", plus an additional $17 a month

for the "right" to sell traffic token to other suckers.


The fee there was a red flag for me. You DON'T charge

me a fee for the "right" to promote YOUR program FOR YOU!  :angry:

Warmest Regards,

John Lederer

Marketer since 1995

Online since 2000

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