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This morning I saw an ad promoting Has anyone used this company?  What kind of price and conversion should I expect?  Pricing isn't listed on their page, which makes me a little wary.

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Hello, if you are speaking about Igor Kheifets, he is the absolute BEST traffic provider online.

Not sure if you are speaking about him.

Here is his information:



I have used him several times and so are a lot of other Marketers online. I would give him a 5 Star Rating.


Good luck

Gisela Beckermann


P.S. let me know if you have questions. Conversion rate? Please watch some of the testimonials.

Gisela Beckermann
Tel: +1 (775) 241-8449
P.S. Tired of doing ALL the work yourself? Let me help.

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Igor is a great provider but also expensive.  You need to make sure you have your offer dialed in before using.


The reason you don't see the prices on his page is because he requires you to fill out some basic information about your experience level.  


I listen to his podcast and he'll actually turn customers away if they don't have an offer that will be good for his traffic.


It certainly wouldn't hurt to fill out the application.




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If your going to use solo ads, make sure you are using a lead tracker to track the leads the provider is sending, Igor is a very good reputable provider I have also used Sarah Chew she can be contacted here http://imwithsarah.com/soloads

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