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SFI Top 10 Enrollers For Yesterday! (5/3/17)


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Hi Fellow MC Members and Guests,


Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...


Just some Good news to share with the forum for:


Yesterday's Top Enrollers (5/3/17)

  1.     Chris Manels Canada 71
  2.     Snježana Šobak Croatia 41
  3.     Sladja Pejcinovic Serbia 33
  4.     Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) United States 30
  5.     Zandri Landman South Africa 29
  6.     Stephen Judge United Kingdom 28
  7.     ile tasevski Macedonia 23
  8.     Brian Futureco United Kingdom 20
  9.     Radosava Micic Serbia 16
  10.     Magda Vasiloska Macedonia 14

BTW, Who says FREE Advertising Don't work? :)

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In the month of May I also attained Gold Team Leader! :)


I guess if I really went to work promoting SFI I could attain Diamond!


My team had an awesome month for May. :)


Well, it's a new month, time to go to work to duplicate May results.

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