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I am shy. How can I change and overcome my fear of talking to people or selling

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Do you ever notice that the successful network marketers have a positive personality type?


Does the positive attitude come from them being already successful?


Or, maybe these successful network marketers had the positive attitude first — and that positive attitude propelled them to success?


You be the judge.


While it is easy to have a great attitude when you are already successful, usually the positive attitude comes first and demonstrates itself by attracting success.


How can people overcome their fear of contacting prospects?


It’s a matter of desire. People usually get what they want most.


For instance, there is a choice between a good television show and attending an opportunity meeting. Some people will want to see the television show more than they want the success that comes from attending opportunity meetings with guests.


So, they watch television because they truly want that more than the long drive to hear a boring speaker at the meeting.


The same holds true when talking to people. What does a person want more?


Does this person want the calm, non-threatening day-to-day life void of rejection?


Or, does this person want prospecting success more than he desires to avoid rejection?


Sobering, isn’t it? Many people say they want success, but deep down they want activities that pose a lesser challenge.


Rudi Vanhaecke
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Hi, there, Rudi :o)


It's an interesting question. I'm no expert, by here's my take. When talking to prospects, I just treat them like someone I've met - someone with whom I'd like to be friends. Then conversation comes naturally because I'm not trying to persuade them; I'm just being myself. Often, I do end up making friends, so I've already succeeded, because friendly relations enhance my life. If there happens to be business/profit/whatever later, well, that's just gravy.


Besides, you don't seem shy, as you described yourself, or you wouldn't have been able to write such an articulate and thoughtful post!


My very best wishes to you.



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Positive personality type? Now I can see, once someone earns the "set of emotions" that carry the optimistic outlook for success, it's difficult not to be positive on any topic, mainly because we have learned that positive results come from positive input. Occasionally we have instances where we experience a positive result from a negative input of energy. I believe the leaders that display this positive energy every where they go, know and believe like I do, that we have no other choice but to carry a positive tone on any topic regardless if the topic is on business or product promotion. It's a highly addictive way of life. I believe this is a learned skill, not something we are born with.


Overcoming fear on the topic of prospecting? YES, Rudi has it centered in perfectly... DESIRE. Desire to share something great that has helped your own life is an unselfish act. When money comes into play, prospects can "read" or pick up on this variable. Creating a balance between "making the next sale," and "genuinely helping other people," is one of the biggest challenges for some people to overcome.


Demonstrate a desirable mode of conduct, yes and some folks will begin to mirror your activities. However, Rudi said it right... If someone just does not desire a true financial result after learning about a solution, their actions explain loud and clear. There are plenty of ways for people to change their finances, if remaining "shy" outweighs the challenge of talking to people or selling, then please "find a project where being shy and not talking to people makes more money."


Trying to find ways to become "un-shy," or trying to find ways of overcoming fear of "talking or selling" is a long confusing road. Instead of finding ways to overcome this, simply be on the look out for small opportunities for "overcoming fear," to find you. The next time you are presented with a business situation that offers fear, stand up and march straight into it. Stay focused on what your product or opportunity has done to help you, and be open to transferring that value to someone who might be in need of the same product solution or presentation. What your emotions learn, can be addictive. The next time around, look for an emotion that says "wasn't so bad, let's try that again."

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Well, very few people like to sell, but almost all like to share.

If you go to a restaurant and you love the food, I bet you talk about it to anyone; if you go to a movie and you love it, you talk about it. And so on and on and on. We love to share and making others happy as we are.

Of course, if you have no idea about the product/service you are promoting .... it is hard and even impossible to be effective.

But if you use it, you are happy with it and maybe even proud of using it .... well, you can't stop to talk about it. With anyone, even if they don't listen.


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This may surprise some people, but hypnotherapy is another way of helping someone overcome their shyness.

There are two ways to face the future. One way is
with apprehension; the other is with anticipation  .

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The technique is, to get the focus out of yourself. Sometimes, the fear of rejection and the fear of talking to people come from being insecure of oneself. And being insecure of oneself is a "selfish, self-centered attitude". That's the reality, and those who are having that fear, should admit it. It's bad and self-centered. 


Now, take the focus out from yourself and focus on what other people's need. May there's someone who just got fired out of his or her job that needs an income opportunity. And that person might be needing you and your opportunity!


Or, maybe there's someone out there who is suffering from an illness and might be needing the product you have in your MLM. 


Take the focus from your negative self and start thinking how to help other people. And you will be blessed in network marketing or MLM business.

Get blogging, get others blogging, and get paid... www.GomerMagtibay.net

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