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Help! My Word File is Blank!


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I hope someone can help me.

I have spent months a little at a time working to get all of my TE's and such into a file---referral url's splash pages, banner, texts etc.


I just went to open the file and there is nothing there!!


This is not the first time this has happened.  I had another file of the same and it just disappeared one day.  That is when I started this new file, determined to include ALL of the sites that I do.


Mysteriously, that old file is no intact.....way out of date, but it's there now?


Anyway, is there a way to restore what once was there?  Maybe going to previous versions and restoring back a few days?  I'm going to try restarting my computer and seeing if it might come back that way by chance.


This is so bothersome, not to mention scary, as that is hours of work down the drain!

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Guest mrclean0325

One thing you can try is to hold down your left mouse button and run the cursor over the page. If you see text when it is highlighted - use CTRL-A (or "select all" in the edit menu) and change the font color to black. I have had some files that changed the font to white for some reason and the page appears blank. Usually happened after an update.


Hope that helps!  :D

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Thanks for your response and I had tried, and tried again to mess with the colors.

It appears that my file is intact when I highlight but it just shows a light blue and nothing else.


I am literally distraught as I was down to only needing to add info for 10 websites out of well over 200!!


The only restore I am finding in windows 10 seems like it will only undo the last upgrade from the 24th of the month.  Should I try to do that??  The file was there prior to doing that update.

I guess I'm thinking to previous versions of windows when you could choose to go back 2 days, 5 days, or whatever.

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Guest mrclean0325

What you can do if you see the content is to do a "select all" from the edit menu and copy that into like Notepad or WordPad and save it there and create a new document and then paste it back into that. If you do any kind of restore that isn't recent (like close to the time you were writing it), you will lose a lot of data.

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Even though it appears to be scrolling and highlighting, when I hit to paste into notepad, nothing shows up at all...

I've been writing this file for months in bits at a time.    It was all there before the latest Windows update and I did have the file open when it was set for the update.


I am going to give going back to that day a chance just in case!  If by chance it works then I will put the file on a memory card like I should have been doing from the beginning!

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