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Beware Of Reallysimplesystem.com..


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I signed up for a site called Reallysimplesystem.com..You  are asked to join three sites, LeasedAdSpace, Envirolizer and Fourcorners. The Reallysimplesystem claims they will put your site on a rotator to get great results with sign-ups. You will actually spend 50 bucks joining LeasedAdSpace, Envirolizer and Fourcorners. 


I emailed the support of that site numbers of times, but no response. I think this site is trying to earn commission as you pay for LeasedAdpsace, Envirolizeer, and Fourcorners.... LIke a dummy, I paid for Envirolizer and Fourcorners. I am already a member of LeasedAdspace.


When I realized this site is a scam. I was fortunate enough to write to Envirolizer and Fourcorners to get my money back.


It's not like me to post something like this. But I wanted to share my experience. I know Envirolizer and Fourcorners are legit, but I don't need it.


You're taking a risk if you join Reallysimplesystem.com Be warned.



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From what I have seen and heard LeasedAdpsace and Fourcorners ( I assume you mean Four Corners Alliance) are both scams. I don't know about the other one as I cannot recall ever hearing about it. I have read a large number of complaints about the two I mentioned and there are a number of scam reporting sites that have flagged them. From what you described, it sounds like someone was using a downline builder script to build their downlines.

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