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Derek Bohlken

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Don't buy anything from Derek Bohlken.


He sells leads, fake traffic and will offer to signup in your MLM business and build under you.


He'll ask you to send funds to a friends address and it's the last you'll see of it.


Also see http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/derek-bohlken/merriam-kansas-66204/derek-bohlken-scammed-by-derek-bohlken-liar-internet-conman-says-he-will-setup-campaig-1316993


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Thanks for the warning, scum like that make life hard on honest marketers and we need to step forward and out them instead of staying silent.


Andy Zeus Anderson

Andy Zeus Anderson


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I've been receiving money making / business opportunity emails from Derek for about 10 years now. I never joined any until a few months ago. I decided to "invest" in a Bitcoin opportunity. He claimed that he has a contact in Iceland that is mining Bitcoin but because of local banking regulations, he cannot exchange his Bitcoin to cash. So he's looking for people to send him cash (through Derek Bolhken's PayPal account) and he'll return  double the amount in Bitcoin. Therefore, if you sent him $100 in cash, you will receive $200 worth in Bitcoin. Derek was willing to re-invest that amount 5 times over. In the end, the $100 cash you sent him would return you $3200 in Bitcoin.


Derek recommended that I should send him a few hundred dollars. He claimed that he had some people send him $500 or more. I was a little skeptical so I wanted to test the waters first. I sent him only $20. 


After many email exchanges with Derek wanting to know when I'll see my return on my investment - he just kept on giving excuses. Often times he did not reply to some of my emails. 


Derek Bolken is a scammer and rip-off artist. Do not trust anything he has to say.

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I have been receiving 4 or 5 emails a year from Derek since around 2013, All more or less saying the same thing - "I have a first level position in my business that would ensure you a great income.  If you are wanting to make more income online and want the details, let me know asap. This is a situation that will guarantee your success."

I am no longer interested in asking him what that might be, because he never replies back. I dont join wnything these days without building some sort of relationshiop and an element of trust first. So there is no way I could trust this guy, ever! Especially afterr reading reports about him here.

Learn more about me before deciding if you want to join my online businesses. Let's connect first and get to know each other better then we can chat about how we may work together.


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