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It changes names frequently, claims to pay 10 cents per ad view, with $150.00 minimum payout. Once you reach that they want you to refer 40 others to the site...or you can buy them on their exchange...problem is they rob you, never pay you and it's a BIG SCAM!


Even if you are able to then get 40 others to join, it will tell you they need to verify your account, this will take between 30-60 days or you can speed the process by paying...again you never get verified then you'll be locked out of the sire all together!


If you see this STAY AWAY! I know 5 people personally that have been ripped off please don't fall for this!

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A few years ago I got hooked up into that pay per click stuff.  Never been online doing that kind of stuff before. Got into that 2 dollar click scam.  Man I thought that that was good.  Didnt know how silly I was.  I only did it for a short while got bored with it.  I started googling and found out it was nothing but bs.  you had to get to a certain threshold then upgrade then it was a 60 day payout.  Past the time that Paypal allows for complaints.  Then they don't pay.  What you are saying sounds just like that stuff.  

Make money make money make money


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