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Have You Ever Bought A Product With A Refund Guarantee And The Product Vendor Refuses To Refund You?

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Have You Ever Bought A Product With A Refund Guarantee And The Product Vendor Refuses To Refund You?


I bought one of those "shiny whistles" a few days ago promising if you bought the product you would get guaranteed income [one of those we promote for you pitch] and if the service is not up to your expectations: An Instant Refund No questions asked.


Here's a screenshot of the "30 Day Money Back Guarantee" below:-







Bought the product and realized it was some rehashed methodology crap which I already obtained as a free tutorial some years ago and here the product vendor was passing this off of the latest and most effective method in generating sales (which I was already aware of however couldn't detect what is was due to the carefully disguised information on their sales page I really wanted wanted to discover what this "brand new kind of weird method" was.


I instantly asked for a refund and waited for a whole day anticipating a response from the vendor to the half a dozen emails I sent which went by unnoticed until finally I opened a dispute on PayPal.


This brought on the ire of the product vendor whose first response to my emails was a condescending, disrespectful put down describing me as all sorts "people like you" to which I could not have refrained from responding to his emails with some choice connotations of my own.


The vendor was upset I brought on a PayPal dispute to the issue but then I had no choice after the numerous unanswered emails and that was the actions that brought him to respond though taking on a very very negative perspective of the issue.


So 30 emails later (as I was even more persistent to have my money refunded especially with the extremely crude and rude first response from the vendor) I was given my money back.



Have you ever had a similar experience and however did you have to take it in order to be refunded your money?

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I bought a site script with a guaranteed refund. It was installed 3 times and crashed all three times. Always after I completed the customization work. In this case, it was a classified ads script. I added some categories. No big deal right? The vendor assured me that it would work with no problems. Again three times, 3 different servers, two were his own servers where he swore it would not crash. When I tried to get a refund, he refused me. When I opened a dispute, Paypal sided with him.

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