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I am here to report popmyads.com.


I delivered their popunders on my site for nearly a week's time. My site has got several hundreds of pageviews everyday. However, their statistics (which is not realtime) show only 0-3 popunders everyday! The earnings are decreased day by day even though they showed 1-2 impressions everyday!


When I asked about that, the CEO just said our site didn't meet their requirement! There's no minimum requirement mentioned on the site in fact!


Lastly, no payment of course. Definitely a scam!

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I am not trying to justify their behaviour. If it had been done to me, I would have dumped them and moved on. With that being said, there are a couple of issues that might be coming into play here. 1) People use pop up/pop under blockers alot. Their script may be looking for pop ups/pop unders that actually display for a set amount of time. 2) Along with the first comment, people tend to exit pop ups and such long before the timer may expire. There is a certain distrust for this mode of promotions as tech scammers,etc. use this method as a means to promote their particular scams. I know I do.


finally, if they are truly a scam, word will get out. Once they establish themselves as scammers, it will be difficult to recover.

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